Moving Pictures

Great Moments in Sport.

by ml22





























Irish Types.

by ml22

Whisky in the Jar.

Kelly, The Boy From Killan.

Black Velvet Band.

The Fields of Athenry.

The Wild Rover.

The Maid of Fife.

The Christoph Waltz.

by ml22

Christoph Waltz I Christoph Waltz II Christoph Waltz III Christoph Waltz IIII Christoph Waltz V

Christoph Waltz Hans Landa I

Dr King Schultz I Dr King Schultz III Dr King Schultz V

The Crispin Glover.

by ml22

crispin glover

The Mighty Power of Paloma Blanca.

by ml22

George Baker Selection – Original.

George Baker Selection – Newer, Hipper version.


Slim Whitman.

Nina   & Mike.

The Spanish Caribe Hits.

Patricia Lavila.

Morelli and Napoli.

George Baker Selection - Paloma Blanca

heino great hits 5



Belgian and French Geniuses…and The Rod McKuen.

by ml22

Rod McKuen: Come, Jef.

Rod McKuen: Nathalie.

The Roger Federer.

by ml22


8x10 2004 US Open 2007 Aussie Final 2010 Aussie Open 2 Switzerland's world number one Roger Fed fed 2007 Australian fed french open final fed us open 2005 2 fed us open 2005 Fed Wimbledon 2005 Fed Wimbledon TENNIS-GBR-WIMBLEDON



by ml22


Robert Carlyle XVI


Robert Carlyle XII Robert Carlyle XIII Robert Carlyle XIIII

The Tom Noonan.

by mamuwalde22

Francis Dolarhyde IITom Noonan VI - Manhunter

Francis Dolarhyde

Francis DolarhydeNoonan7 Tom Noonan VIII - Robocop II

Tom Noonan V - Wolfen





by Thrustus Simmonds

Paloma Blanca.

Spanish Eyes.


Die Sonne Von Mexico.

Blau Bluht der Enzian.

heino great hits 5

Heino III