Moving Pictures

The Joe Montana.

by Thrustus Simmonds


Joe Montana VIJoe Montana VIISan Francisco 49ers Football - Joe MontanaJoe Montana VIIIIJoe Montana X

Joe Knows.

Frankie Lymon.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers perform their monster hit Why Do Fools Fall In Love live on the Frankie Laine Show in 1956. The 13 year old Lymon simply sizzles and electrifies the Nation with this performance; the prodigy already has a fully formed vocal delivery many talents never attain. Words have a different sound, and even meaning, coming from his mouth. Note the maestro-ism in his approach: rather than hitting the same nail with the selfsame hammer, he eschews the falsetto moments for a more Joe Williams-esque way forward. His stage presence is magnetic yet composed, and, oh, Lymon is a brilliant dancer, too. Other than that, well….but wait! He gives a calm, charming interview (of sorts) with host Laine. I suppose all that’s good enough. Good enough to massively influence generations of musicians, most conspicuously a certain One-Glov├Ęd individual. To MJ‘s credit, he was quite open about this. That said, a wide swath was cut, and a vast-ish net was cast: heck, The Beach Boys have noted him as an inspiration.

With slightly higher resolution in this video, which, fortunately enough, happens to feature the selfsame content as the first, we (I) are/am afforded the opportunity to provide further examples of a prose style almost feline in its….oh, right! The opportunity, despite the preceding digression (probably fugue state related), is to give a bit of context to this groundbreaking performance. Frankie Lymon met and quickly joined a doo-wop ensemble featuring the doddering, shambling Methuselean figure Herman Santiago, checking in at a full 1 1/2 years older than Frankie L. He was 15 when all appeared on the Laine program. A tenor vocalist and the human being most likely to have actually composed Why Do Fools Fall In Love (it has been disputed for 2.3 epochs at last count…), Santiago functioned as the ensemble’s frontman until something became crystal clear: Lymon was The One. Santiago was the one (small case) scheduled to sing lead on Why during recording sessions until, for reasons which are different depending upon who(m) is asked (late arrival to session, sore throat, missing merkin collection and intensive, time-consuming search required to retrieve same…) (said collection remains at large to this very day), he was unable to do so. Lymon unhesitatingly filled the void, in the session, in our lives, and in human history. I have grown fatigued/verklempt.

Frankie Lymon IIII

Frankie Lymon VI - with George Goldner

The Eric Carmen.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Eric Carmen IIEric Carmen IIIEric Carmen VIIEric Carmen XII

The great vocalist/pianist/composer performs both solo and with his group Raspberries.

Eric Carmen XV

The Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull

by Thrustus Simmonds

Ian Anderson III - Ritual and Big Finish

Ian Anderson II - Flute Wielding and Thrusting

Ian Anderson VIan Anderson VIIan Anderson XVIIIan Anderson XVIIIIan Anderson XXIan Anderson XXI

Thaumaturge, wizard, vocalist/performer/showman supreme. Mr. Ian Anderson.

And sneaking in at the last moment……..1977, Golders Green Hippodrome.

The Usage of Hands, and Variants.

by Thrustus Simmonds

David Bowie IAElvis Costello - Finger Pointing IIIGary Oldman - Mozart - Hand Usage IIJarvis Cocker - HandMarc Almond IMarc Almond IIMorrissey - You Shut Your Mouth II - makeagifScott Walker - Hand Usage - 4Syd Barrett - Why Can't You See III

Gary Oldman - Mozart - Hand Usage

Extraordinary, nonpareil Usage of Hands/Finger Pointing by some of the greats.

Ian Anderson II - Flute Wielding and ThrustingIan Anderson III - Ritual and Big Finish


Ah, The Irish. Dubliners & Clancy Brothers.

by ml22

The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and Shane McGowan work their inimitable magic.

The Great Warren Zevon.

by Thrustus Simmonds


warren zevon iiiiwarren zevon viiiiwarren zevon xv

Mr. Warren Z, non-perfunctorily, does *not* mail it in. Talkin’ about The Man.


by Thrustus Simmonds

Ramones V - AirwavesRamones VI - Airwaves

Nice music combo. Uplift Program = Ramones. Joey‘s vocal on Airwaves is one of his best; saying a lot. Also Sheena, 1st vid.

The Buzzcocks, and Pete Shelley.

by Thrustus Simmonds

Pete Shelley V

Pete Shelley VII


Your ELO, & Maestro Jeff Lynne.

by Thrustus Simmonds

The above vid of Telephone Line disappeared. One hopes it shall endure. Because, well, it’s Great. Yes. In my opinion.